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AI at Work 2024: Friend and Foe

BCG  - JUNE 26, 2024

genAI's impact on call centre operators

How the future of Call-center operator companies looks like?

Challenges of developing genAI applications

Developing enterprise grade applications is nothing like in the past

Google introduced Gemini Pro updates

2 million context window, code execution capabilities and Gemma 2.

Core Services

Business Strategy and Innovation

Crafting forward-thinking business strategies that foster innovation and ensure sustainable growth in a competitive landscape.

Generative AI Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge generative AI to develop intelligent systems that enhance decision-making and automate complex tasks.

Research and Development

Conducting in-depth research and pioneering development to bring innovative ideas from concept to reality.

Service and Product Design

Creating user-centric services and products that seamlessly integrate with enterprise needs, driving engagement and efficiency.

Case studies

Complex document processing in the telecom sector

Solving a previously seemingly impossible process with complex genAI tools

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Using synthetic employee to manage a website

How a Conversational UI simplified an otherwise complex task.

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The huge power of small innovations.

How very simple tools helped us to save 100 hour per week.

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How design- and system thinking makes a difference

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